About Us

The Emilia Schools Philosophy

We focus on stimulating natural curiosity and creativity.


The largely influenced philosophy of the Reggio Emilia Method of teaching and learning has many educational concepts we value deeply at the Emilia School and it inspires our importance of working with children daily. Our aim is to provide and create an exceptional learning environment where children can explore, learn, develop, and most importantly feel a sense of belonging. Our team works alongside our children to research, create, discover, play, and provide a diverse range of learning experiences tailored toward each child’s individual stage of development and personal interests.

An interactive facility and playgrounds provide a natural setting, rich with opportunities for exploration and discovery.
We have educators that provide excellent care and superb early childhood education through engagement and enthusiasm.
Nutritious meals prepared by our in-house chef, providing your child with the proper nutrition to grow and learn effectively.
Online viewing features and safety guards give our parents a peace-of-mind knowing their child is in a safe, nurturing environment.
Our Vision

> In our families: to be informed and cooperative member of the team.

> In our children: to be interested in what is worth knowing.

> In our teachers: to solicit multiple points of view, respecting children where they are on their learning journey.

> Children learn differently and at different paces.

> Children use many different “languages” to communicate their experiences and feelings.

> Children are not empty vessels to fill with facts, figures, and dates; but come to school with ideas, preferences and ideas to explore.

> Children learn best through loving, authentic, nurturing relationships and environments.

> Child development and current brain research best informs our practice.

> In Ohio’s Early Learning Standards and being ready for all styles of learning but with a spirit of joyfulness that promotes curiosity, problem-solving and open-mindedness for a lifetime.

> Emergent and STEAM curriculum that comes from children’s interests, ideas, thoughts and observations.

> Documentation as communication (pictures, quotes, journals, projects, portfolios.)

> The teacher as researcher, partner, nurturer and guide.

> The environment as a “third teacher”, aesthetically pleasing and connected to nature.

> Play and playfulness.

The Emilia School Partners

The Emilia School is proud to be involved in the community. We believe that community outreach and partnerships help pave the way for our industry and families. We take pride in working as a team with like-minded professionals and take a strong interest in fundraising for our non-profit partners.