Learning Through Natural Discovery

Inspiring a love for the environment and creativity.


The physical environment is crucial in our Reggio Emilia inspired school and your child will consider the environment itself to be a teacher. We believe that children’s creativity and learning process is very much influenced by their environment. We utilize both indoor and outdoor environments with the purpose of teaching with intention and children learning through play. Our intentional teaching strategies provide provocation and open-ended resources resulting in endless imaginations, and play teaches children how to think creatively, solve problems, and discover what they love.

Classroom Environment
In the classroom, we bring in materials from nature itself. We will use natural objects to stimulate our students’ thoughts and enhance their play. They will have hands-on learning experiences they won’t have in a traditional classroom. Teachers will use wooden blocks, fabrics, rocks, pinecones, sticks, mirrors, glass beads, parts of various machines and other objects from daily living to stimulate children’s curiosity in the classroom. As new interests arise, teachers will bring in related objects to help everyone learn more about the interest.

When children believe their contribution is valued, it increases their confidence and self worth. Your child’s arts and crafts projects will become part of the classroom décor. Teachers will photograph each child’s work and display them for all to admire. Along with arts and crafts materials, musical instruments will be readily available and of course, fine books.

Learning Environment

Each classroom has interest areas that promote the following concepts of learning.
Math & Manipulatives
Science & Geography
Cultural Diversity
Independence & Responsibility
Physical Well Being
Creative Expression
Sensory Play
Imagination & Dramatic Play
Music & Movement
Reading & Literacy
letters on mat
glove on table
stuffed animals
tea area
indoor sand area
drawing material

Outdoor Environment


We don’t consider outside time as a break from learning but as another opportunity for hands-on learning experiences.

At Emilia Schools the outdoor environment is as important and influential as the classroom.
Every space in our outdoor playground has been designed to provoke interest and give countless opportunities for learning.