An Interactive Way To Learn

Explore the learning opportunities our facility provides
The Emilia Schools children.


Our facility was developed to give children a welcoming, inspiring environment that encourages a child’s interest in the world around them. Natural trees, plants, vines, natural light, and open spaces will inspire our children to thrive amid the wonders of nature. Every room or glass enclosure is considered for how it best fulfills its purpose of excellent childhood learning for our children. Children, parents, and teachers appreciate:

Classrooms full of inspiring natural objects and learning centers to stimulate children’s curiosity
Children’s personal artwork throughout facility
Restrooms connected to classrooms for ease of use
Lockers to store each child’s car seat
Washer and dryer for cleaning clothing if mishaps occur
Breast feeding room for mothers able to stop by and feed their children
Glass enclosed kitchen to watch our in-house chef preparing healthy meals and snack
Special lighting throughout the facility for dimming or special effects
Technology room with Desktops and iPads
technology area for learning
dress up and play area
kids kitchen area

A Better Way To Learn


Each child has a unique way of learning. The Emilia School provides each child with engaging, flexible curriculum designed to inspire active learning and development.

Dingo Dig
Bamboo Music Chimes
Koi pond
Tunnels & Slides
Sand Box
Astro Turf Areas
Garden Space
outdoor play area
teepee play area
cover over sandbbox area
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