Private Kindergarten

Private Kindergarten Program

5 Years – 6 Years


We offer a full time private kindergarten program. From Monday – Friday,  9:30am – 3:30pm your child will participate in both individual and group lessons as their skills are developed in communication, reading, and math. Our classroom environment instills and encourages a love for learning. In addition, our before or after school program, children have different ways they would like to spend their time. Some children like a brief time to relax and have quiet time, others may want to finish homework, while others are ready to interact with friends and get rid of pent up energy, and most are ready for a snack! We accommodate all of these needs.

We create safe online experiences that develop problem solving, creative thinking and literacy skills.
Group Activities
Students learn to work together through gardening, music creations, science experiments, outside games and more.
Quiet Time
We provide space for children to get away from the hustle and bustle for quiet reading or to complete homework.
Creative Arts
Our students love to be creative in our art room where they can draw, paint, sculpt an object or even create a bracelet.
Summer Fun
Once school is out for summer, we offer all day fun-filled adventures! Keeping with the Reggio Emilia philosophy, there will be many interest-based, hands-on learning projects and STEAM activities for the students. The children will explore and discover new concepts while expanding their academic skills for the upcoming school year. Activities to look forward to:
Art projects
Water fun
Field trips
Science labs
Book reading
Group involvement
Lasting memories with friends