Our Toddler Program

Toddlers 1
18 Months – 30 Months

Toddlers 2
30 Months – 36 Months


Toddlers love to move and discover the world around them. They are getting more curious and they love to explore. Our teachers are careful that each child is nurtured in a healthy and safe way. We provide a room and environment with enriching, age appropriate materials that stimulate creativity, problem solving, independence, and curiosity of their environment.

Running, rolling, kicking, dancing, climbing
Scooping & playing with sand, water, mud
Book time, story time
Building with different materials
(blocks, sticks, boxes)
Painting, music, arts & crafts projects
Using the world around them to stack, count, sort
Learning to effectively communicate



In this classroom we continue with the activities enjoyed in the Toddler 1 classroom but give time to prepare Toddlers for the Preschool level of learning. Potty training is introduced. We introduce fine motor skills of how to hold a pencil, cut with scissors, zip, and tie. Toddlers love activities of riding a bike, singing songs, and sharing stories. Toddlers are given opportunities to discover self and others. They gain confidence as they start to develop communication with peers and learn how to play in groups and independent activities.

A Better Way To Learn
Each child has a unique way of learning. The Emilia School provides each toddler with engaging, flexible curriculum designed to inspire active learning and development.